Shungite Cube - Large
Shungite Cube - Large

Shungite Cube - Large

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This large Shungite cube combines the mineral’s and the cube shape’s properties. Shungite is an ancient stone with a unique structure; contains almost all minerals from the periodic table and 60-90% spherical carbon molecules, called Fullerenes. The Shungite cube can protect against harmful EMFs coming from Wi-Fi, TV, laptop, cell phones and other electronic devices. The cube shape has various benefits; promotes grounding, brings stability and vitality.

Benefits and uses of the Shungite Cube:

  • neutralizes harmful EMFs
  • minimizes cell phone harmful radiation
  • helps to achieve prosperity
  • it is a great tool for manifesting techniques
  • brings stability to the environment
  • purifies and mineralizes the water
  • stylish home decor element

Shungite cube made of authentic Shungite (60% carbon), approximately 4x4 inches. Offers efficient protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation.

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