Small Caribbean Light Blue Calcite Heart - Pakistan

Small Caribbean Light Blue Calcite Heart - Pakistan

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Caribbean Blue Calcite was recently found in Pakistan in 2019. 

Caribbean Blue Calcite hearts are used for:

  • calming the mind during meditation 
  • activating the Third Eye 
  • energizing the Crown Chakra
  • activating the Throat Chakra
  • enhancing psychic abilities 
  • elevating consciousness
  • awakening a sense of calm
  • bringing serenity 
  • ascending to higher vibrations 
  • having lucid dreams 
  • relaxation techniques
  • entering deep meditation states
  • improving communication with others
  • relaxing tensed areas of the body

Approximate size: 2x2 inches.

Note: All crystal hearts vary, there are no two alike. You will receive a Caribbean Blue Calcite heart similar to the one in this image. This Caribbean Blue heart can be a meaningful gift for any occasion including Valentines Day, Mothers' Day, Christmas, baby shower, housewarming, birthdays, or anniversaries.


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