What crystal hearts are the best for self-love?

 The shapes of the crystals affect their energy; the heart-shaped crystals are associated with kindness, tenderness, emotional healing, and all forms of love, including self-love. One of the heart-shaped crystals’ uses is that they help activate the Heart Chakra, connecting with the energies of love, awakening self-acceptance and self-love. Even if the heart shape is not a natural shape for crystals, the energy of this shape enhances the crystals’ resonance with the energies of love.

Our top 10 pick for you

If you intend to awaken self-love, we recommend working with crystal hearts. You can use your crystal hearts during meditations, prayer, relaxation, or breathing techniques. You can also place them in crystal grids to attract more love into your life and develop love for yourself. Crystal hearts are also excellent crystal tools for manifestation practices if you want to manifest more love in your life. You can also just carry small heart-shaped crystals with you throughout your day in your pocket or purse. We also recommend displaying heart-shaped crystals in your home; programmed and activated to aid in developing self-love they will act as reminders. They will inspire you to have more compassion and more love for yourself.

1. Rose Quartz hearts

One of the best crystals for awakening self-love is the Rose Quartz, mainly because it helps in attracting all forms of love. Rose Quartz softly transforms the negative energy into loving vibrations. The crystal is also a potent emotional healer that can help you transform your self-doubt, self-hatred, self-criticism, and self-depreciation into self-acceptance and self-love.

2. Amethyst hearts

Heart-shaped Amethysts can provide various benefits to your Heart Chakra and emotions. One of its benefits is bringing peace to your heart and centeredness into your being. It can help you achieve an inner balance between your mind and emotions, awakening self-love and discernment. Amethyst heart is a perfect tool to help develop self-worth and self-love through spiritual transformation. When you grow spiritually, you can transform destructive emotions such as guilt, shame, and worthlessness into compassion and love for yourself.

3. Clear Quartz hearts

Clear quartz heart helps in amplifying intentions. Energy healers frequently use it to cleanse and balance the chakras, including the Heart Chakra. You can program and activate your Clear Quartz heart to help you awaken and manifest self-love.

4. Rainbow Moonstone hearts

Moonstone is associated with the gentle, nurturing, feminine energies of the Moon. It helps transform self-destructive mind patterns and behavior into self-acceptance, self-esteem, and self-love. Working with your Moonstone heart will help you have more acceptance and compassion towards yourself, becoming less hard on yourself.

5. Carnelian hearts

Carnelian promotes self-assurance and confidence. Therefore Carnelian hearts can be powerful crystal tools, especially when you want to improve self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem because that will significantly enhance the love for yourself.

6. Rhodonite hearts

Rhodonite resonates with the Root and Heart chakras; it will keep you grounded and stable in love. Rhodonite hearts are some of the best crystal tools for self-love awakening practices. The stone can assist in emotional healing focused on self-forgiving and compassion for yourself. It helps to connect to your inner child, awakening self-worth and self-esteem directly related to self-love.

7. Rhodochrosite hearts

Working with this crystal helps you have more compassion towards yourself, which allows you to develop self-acceptance as you become less hard on yourself and more kind. When you meditate with your Rhodochrosite heart, expect to feel a self-confidence and self-love boost. 

8. Mangano Calcite hearts

Mangano Calcite, known as Pink Calcite resonates with the energies of universal love and radiates nurturing, gentle energies that will boost self-worth and self-esteem. Working with your Mangano Calcite heart will help you enhance compassion and love towards yourself.

9. White Chalcedony hearts

White Chalcedony hearts bring balance and harmony to emotions. The stone has a gentle, nurturing energy, and it helps dissipate self-doubt, self-criticism, encouraging self-acceptance and awakening self-love.

10. Sea Green Calcite hearts

Sea Green Calcite or Pistachio Calcite comes with gentle nurturing energies that can aid in cleansing the Heart Chakra. This soft stone promotes peace, kindness, tenderness, and serenity. Therefore, your Sea Green Calcite heart can be an excellent tool for developing and enhancing self-love.