Where are the best places to keep my crystals at home?

You can display your crystals in your home, depending on your needs and preferences. There are also various ways to store your rare or fragile stones. However, every time you choose a place for a newly purchased crystal, learn about the crystal’s properties first. For example, we don’t recommend keeping Selenite in the bathroom, as humidity can damage it.

Surrounding yourself with crystals with a good vibe can have many benefits. The more crystals you keep nearby, the more benefits you’ll enjoy. You can keep your small crystals anywhere you prefer in your home, but it’s good to keep them in places where you can harness their specific properties the most. How you showcase your crystal is a matter of personal preference.

  • If you have a collection of crystals with different shapes and sizes, show them off in a stylish standing display.
  • When you want to display a handful of raw or tumbled small crystals, you can display them in a Selenite bowl to show off their beautiful appearance. The white Selenite bowl highlights the crystals' color.
  • You can sprinkle crystals in different places in your living room, place raw or tumbled crystals on top of a stack of books, on the coffee table, on shelves.

How to find the best place for your crystals?

No matter what crystals you buy, you’ll find the best place for them in your home. We recommend you to learn first about the properties of the crystal, then hold it in your hand and focus your attention to feel its energy. It will help you find the place in your home the crystal most resonates with.

We also recommend keeping crystals with:

Various stones need to be stored carefully because these stones are extremely rare or can be damaged easily.
For example:

You can store these stones in wood boxes or a drawer using separators, keep them in bags, or pouches.