Tumbled Shungite

Tumbled Shungite

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This mysterious stone is a several billion years old, rare, ancient mineral mined only in Russia. It contains hollow carbon cages called Fullerenes, scientifically proven to protect against EMF radiation, heal the body cleanse and mineralize the water.

Benefits of using tumbled Shungite:

  • aids with chronic fatigue
  • reduces anxiety and oxidative stress
  • reduces inflammation
  • helps with sleep disorders
  • alleviates allergies and asthma
  • clears the environment
  • strengthens the aura
  • activates the chakras
  • promotes fertility
  • promotes grounding
  • aids in spiritual healing
  • awakens wisdom
  • promotes spiritual growth
  • alleviates electromagnetic sensitivity syndrome

Note: All tumbled Shungite stones have unique sizes, you will receive one similar to the ones posted in the picture.

Approximate size 1x1 inches. Made of authentic Shungite, ordered directly from the Russian mine. It contains 60% carbon, provides efficient protection against harmful EMFs.

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