What are the best uses for chakra crystals?

Chakras are energy centers and each one of them is connected to a specific area of the body, to specific organs and endocrine glands. The functioning of our chakras affects all levels of our being from physical, emotional, and mental to spiritual. Crystals are used since ancient times to energize, balance and cleanse the chakras.

Best crystals for chakra balancing

Each chakra resonates - vibrates on a similar frequency - with one or more crystals. When you know which crystals resonate with a chakra you can use them to energize and activate that chakra. When you want to use crystals to energize and balance your chakras you can either search and learn about chakras and chakra stones, or visit our shop, see

Crystals to energize and balance the Root Chakra

An energized and balanced Root chakra provides the vital energy, the foundation of your being, it promotes stamina, stability and keeps you grounded. Crystals that resonate with this chakra promote grounding, stability, and a sense of security.

Crystals that resonate with the Root chakra:

Crystals to energize and balance the Sacral Chakra

The crystals that resonate with the Sacral chakra are excellent home decor elements for the bedroom. Worn as jewelry they can enhance the libido promotes a healthy sex drive, increased libido, and creativity..

Crystals that resonate with the Sacral chakra:

Crystals to energize and balance the Solar Plexus

An energized and balanced Solar Plexus chakra promotes courage, self-confidence, willpower, dynamism, passion, and better control of our actions.

Crystals that resonate with the Solar Plexus chakra:

Crystals to energize and balance the Heart chakra

The heart chakra is the center of love, compassion, and empathy. A balanced Heart chakra helps us to receive and manifest the energies of love. It also facilitates emotional healing and balance.

Crystals that resonate with the Heart chakra:

Crystals to energize and balance the Throat chakra

A balanced and activated Throat chakra helps us to communicate openly and express ourselves with ease and elegance. It also promotes purity, awakens intuition, and facilitates the connection to higher spiritual realms.

Crystals that resonate with the Throat chakra:

Crystals to energize and balance the Third-Eye

A balanced and activated Third Eye provides control over the above-mentioned chakras. It also promotes excellent memory, mental clarity, focus and concentration.

Crystals that resonate with the Third Eye:

Crystals to energize and balance the Crown chakra

The chakra that vibrates on the highest frequency represents our spirituality, high states of consciousness, wisdom, and detachment. An activated Crown chakra makes possible the connection to high spiritual realms, and communication with spirit guides.

Crystals that resonate with the Crown chakra:

Top 10 ways to use your chakra stones

There are several simple ways to incorporate your crystal stones into your daily life. You can choose one or more for faster and stronger results.

Here are some examples:

  • Wear the stones as jewelry: for example, wear necklaces made of Throat chakra stones or pendants made of Heart chakra stones. You can also wear chakra stone bracelets.
  • Meditate, pray or practice yoga with your chakra stone or stones nearby. Palm stones are excellent tools for meditation.
  • Carry your small chakra crystal in your pocket, or make a selection of 7 chakra stones and carry them in a small pouch.
  • Create a sacred altar in your meditation corner and adorn it with your favorite chakra crystals.
  • Create a crystal grid with crystals that activate the chakras.
  • Purchase a crystal chakra set and display it on your work desk.
  • Sleep with chakra crystals under your pillow or display them on your nightstand.
  • Drink water infused with the energies of cleansed and activated chakra crystals
  • Place small-sized tumbled or raw chakra stones on the areas of the chakras during relaxation
  • Use your chakra stones during energy healing or reiki sessions