Convoluted Jasper
Convoluted Jasper

Convoluted Jasper

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Convoluted Jasper is the Supreme Nurturer stone that brings stability and grounding. The stone facilitates Shamanic Journeys, promotes security, a sense of stability, and completeness. It brings emotional support during stressful times. The stone facilitates Shamanic Journeys.

Benefits of Convoluted Jasper:

  • helps with dream recall
  • balances yin and yang energies
  • promotes organizational abilities
  • balances the aura
  • brings joy
  • promotes grounding
  • activates the root chakra
  • boosts your stamina
  • allows you to stay focused
  • helps to reach financial goals
  • promotes creative thinking
  • brings confidence
  • brings inner peace
  • promotes happiness
Approximately 1x0.75 inches

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