How do chakra crystals work?

According to Yoga and Ayurveda, every human being has seven major energy centers called chakras. We constantly receive and emit energy through our chakras, and when our chakras are activated and balanced, we experience a state of well-being on all levels. Some crystals resonate with one or more chakras and are traditionally used to cleanse and energize them.

A complete chakra crystal set helps balance the energy flow in chakras, providing a centered and grounded feeling. Crystal therapists and energy healers use crystals to cleanse and energize the chakras. It is simple to use a crystal chakra set, lay down, place the crystals on the chakra areas, breathe deeply, relax and feel the stone infusing your chakra with its energy.

Best crystals to activate and energize the chakras

Crystals that can energize and cleanse your Root chakra, bringing grounding, prosperity, and stability:

Crystals that resonates with the Sacral chakra enhance charisma, sensuality, and libido:

We can use the following crystals to energize the Solar Plexus and enhance our willpower, self-esteem and courage:

The following stones can energize the Heart Chakra awakening love, compassion, empathy, and balancing emotions:

The Throat Chakra crystals can help to externalize feelings, thoughts and express ideas harmoniously. These crystals facilitate open and sincere communication:

The Third Eye crystals can help to enhance extrasensory perceptions, telepathy, mental focus, and intelligence:

The Crown Chakra crystals can aid in awakening pure consciousness, assist in spiritual transformation, attract peace, serenity, and wisdom: