Top 10 Love Crystals & Gemstones

Each crystal radiates unique energies with specific vibration. Depending on their vibrations, crystals can be used to attract the energies of prosperity, abundance, peace, intuition, happiness and... love. Love crystals vibrate with universal love energy and are used to help us get tuned to the energy of love.

During our lives, we experience love in so many forms from the unconditional love parents feel for their children to the new couples' passionate love.

Whether you are looking to enhance self-love, wish to attract a romantic relationship, looking to spice things up in your marriage, want to build deeper connections with your friends, crystals can be your best allies. There are specific crystals for love, marriage, romantic relationships, that help you build profound relationships, maintain love and passion alive.

Are you ready to discover the top crystals & gemstones for love, marriage, happiness, communication, and more?

Love and Marriage

There are specific crystals that help us build meaningful relationships. These crystals can also help in maintaining love, passion in romance in our long-term relationships.

  • Rose Quartz is considered the stone of pure, unconditional love. It dissolves jealously, guilt, bitterness infusing our hearts with tenderness, kindness and compassion. This light pink crystal teaches us how to forgive and restore harmony in our relationships.
  • Green Emerald is an excellent stone for couples, promotes romantic love, trust, and stability, helps to keep a relationship stable. Emerald encourages us to love profoundly, be forgiving, and accept responsibilities in our relationships.

Carry you and your partners these crystals in your pocket or wear them as jewelry to bring positive vibes into your marriage. Display them in your bedroom and living room.

Love and Peace

No crystal will land you your heart's true love or heal your relationship overnight, these stones will open and purify your heart chakra and balance your emotions teaching you how to give and receive love.

Wearing these crystals or displaying them in your place will help to balance your heart chakra and release unwanted emotional baggage. Place them in the corners of your home for a peaceful, warm ambiance.

  • Sea Green Calcite brings peaceful insight, a natural flow, and balance to your relationships. The stone infuses your heart chakra with its soothing energy, helps to heal and balance your emotions. A calcite heart with beautiful light green shades can be an elegant home decor element.
  • Mangano Calcite, with a gentle vibration, can help you to open your heart, release past traumas, and love again. It encourages pure love and will help you learn new ways of maintaining a healthy relationship. It teaches us to value and appreciate our partners.

Love and Friendship

Empathy, confident communication, active listening and mutual respect are essential elements in any meaningful relationship based on love and friendship.

These crystals have an energy that will inspire you to find the right words and communicate your thoughts from a higher perspective.

  • Lapis Lazuli is a powerful crystal that helps in opening lines of communication with our loved ones. The stone with a vibrant blue color encourages honesty in communication, brings harmony and loyalty to any relationship. It clears confusion, encourages truthfulness, helps us to build and maintain meaningful relationships.
  • Amazonite is an excellent crystal for those who are looking to heal their relationship. Its gentle energy resonates with the Heart Chakra, helps us to see both sides of our marital problems while maintaining love and respect. Wear Amazonite jewelry to harness the stone's soothing energy, or display Amazonite pyramids on your work desk.

Love and Prosperity

If you want to attract love and prosperity into your life, the following crystals will give you the boost of energy you need to manifest your heart's desire. These crystals will give you the self-confidence to get yourself out there and open up yourself for romantic adventures.

Display these beautiful green crystals in your workplace, bedroom, living room, or in the wealth corner of your home. Wear Malachite or Green Aventurine pendants to infuse your Heart chakra with their uplifting energies.

  • Green Aventurine resonates with the Heart chakra, it is known as the stone of abundance. Get tuned to its energy to bring abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life, including love and romance.
  • Malachite can help you to balance your Heart chakra. This vibrant green stone brings stability and prosperity to your relationship, helps you to feel safe, secure and loved. Malachite is a highly prized stone since ancient times due to its amazing properties.

Love and Money

If you want to attract new love and financial success into your life, these stones will give you the energy you need to get out there and transform your dreams into reality.

  • Green Aventurine is a Heart chakra stone, its energy will help you attract abundance and prosperity to your love life. It can help you rebuild trust and reignite love in your current relationship. It is an ideal love crystal to attract new romantic relationships and renew old ones. Green Aventurine brings wealth and strengthens love in long-term relationships.
  • Citrine is your go-to crystal when you want to attract wealth. It helps in transforming your heart's desire into reality. Citrine brings joy and happiness to any relationship.

    The stone of success empowers you with self-confidence and self-esteem, making you feel worthy of love. It brings mutual admiration and appreciation to your relationships.

Love and Passion

It's time to spice up things in your bedroom? The following crystals will help you re-ignite the love and passion in your relationship. Keep these stones around to infuse your aura with their sensual energy, and help you express your sexuality without shame or guilt. These crystals will help you create a warm, sensual ambiance in your bedroom, perfect for intimate meetings with your loved one.

  • Garnet can be a powerful crystal allie when you want to heat things up in your current relationship. Wear Garnet jewelry, it will make you feel desirable and irresistible. The stone's uplifting energy stimulates passion and sensuality.
  • Ruby Zoisite will help you increase passion and romance in your relationship. It can bring a renewed sense of passion and sexual attraction for married couples. The stone's vibrant energy will definitely help you spice up your sex life. Carry Ruby Zoisite to harness its grounding and passionate energies.

Love and Compassion

Love and compassion are essential elements of any profound and meaningful relationship. You can not build a long-term relationship without mutual respect, forgiveness, and compassion. The following crystals and gemstones will help you heal your emotional wounds and reconnect to your heart's desires.

  • Mangano Calcite's soft energy helps you connect to the energies of unconditional love. It helps to bring compassion, nourishment, and tenderness to your current relationship. It is said to attract intimate relationships. Its soothing energy infuses the heart chakra, promoting kindness and forgiveness.
  • Rhodonite, known as the stone of forgiveness, brings loving, forgiving energies in your relationship. It can help you dissipate anger, frustration, and resentment from your relationship. Rhodonite radiates a sooting energy that helps you regain self-confidence, inspiring you to find new love and romance.

Love Crystals and Gemstones at the Village Rock Shop

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