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Spiritual Herbs at the Village Rock Shop

Herbs with magical properties are used to create protection from negative influences and act as conduits for high cosmic energies. These plants are some of Mother Nature's most incredible gifts and used with wisdom can help us on our spiritual journey. Spiritual herbs have been used from ancient times in healing rituals and spiritual ceremonies, in different cultures and spiritual traditions.

Our Favorite Spiritual Herbs at the Village Rock Shop

Rose is considered an ancient, sacred spiritual herb that opens the Heart Chakra and attracts compassion, understanding, and unconditional love. It brings beauty, harmony, peace and tranquillity in our lives. Rose petals are used in healing sessions, in aromatherapy, in spiritual ceremonies and even cosmetic products.

Palo Santo is a sacred tree which has been used for centuries by shamans in healing rituals and spiritual ceremonies for its clearing properties. Palo Santo can also be used before meditations and spiritual practices to purify the ambiance.

The more often used herb at the Village Rock Shop is Sage. Our energy healers, astrologers use Sage to purify the ambiance before their sessions.

Sage is a perennial, evergreen subshrub with greyish leaves, and blue to purple flowers. It has a long history of medicinal, cosmetic and culinary use but it was also valued for its spiritual properties.

For thousands of years it was used by women for PMS, over-lactation and during menopause.

Throughout the Middle Ages, Sage had such a high reputation that it was called Sage salvatrix - Sage the savior.

Sage Smudging Used in Healing Sessions

The practice of burning herbs and creating a scented purifying smoke is a wide-spread practice in many cultures throughout the world. Smudging rituals can involve different herbs, but Sage is specifically associated with cleansing.

Sage smudging is traditionally used to purify the ambiance and people before spiritual ceremonies, prayer, meditation or healing sessions. Native Americans used it in birth and death rituals and to bless sacred objects. There are different types of Sage usable for smudging, including:

  • White Sage
  • White Prairie Sage
  • Common Sage

Things to Be Considered When Using Sage Smudging

  • You need to be careful with Sage when it's lit, it can burn fast.
  • You need to have water nearby.
  • Do not leave burning Sage unattended.
  • People with respiratory conditions may be sensitive to the smoke.
  • Leave a window open while smudging.
  • Treat it with respect - burning Sage is considered a sacred religious practice in some Native American cultures.

Smudging Kits at the Village Rock Shop

We offer a wide selection of spiritual herbs that can be used to purify homes, workplaces, meditation rooms and even objects, including:

  • Sage smudging kits
  • Palo Santo smudging kits
  • Palo Santo and Selenite Bundle
  • Sacred Sage Incense
  • White Sage Leaves
  • Sage Bundle with Herbs and Crystals