Aroma Diffuser Bracelets- Aromatherapy and Gem Therapy with One Piece of Jewelry

October 14th 2018

An aroma diffuser bracelet is a piece of jewelry made of lava beads or clay beads that absorb the essential oils or leather with a small pocket to contain essential oils which diffuse naturally and scent your skin and clothes for hours. The aroma diffuser chakra bracelet is a beautiful piece of jewelry that complements your outfit and also is a portable and stylish way to benefit from aromatherapy and gem therapy throughout your day.

The first documented form of aromatherapy originates from ancient Egypt. Smells are linked to our cerebral cortex which controls the cognitive performances and to our limbic system, the intuitive part of our brain that holds our memories and emotions.

This is why smelling vanilla and orange can instantly transport us back to childhood in our grandmother's kitchen. Depending on the type of oil you use, the benefits can be relaxation, stress and anxiety relief and boost in energy and mood.

Types of Aroma Diffuser Bracelets

Aroma diffuser bracelets can be made of lava stone beads, clay beads, leather, and other materials. Lava beads are porous, they keep the essential oil within and when you infuse the beads with essential oil you can enjoy it for a long time. Diffuser bracelets with clay beads are also absorbable and can be easily infused with your favorite essential oil. Leather bracelets generally have a small compartment with diffuser absorbent pads to hold the essential oil and slowly diffuse it throughout the day.

Aroma diffuser chakra bracelets can be made of different materials, the colors of the beads are important though. Each chakra is represented by a color - red, orange, yellow, green/blue, indigo, violet, and white. It is important for the wearer to understand the bracelet's significance to achieve the intended balancing effects. Balance your chakras with the properties of gemstones and essential oils. There are unisex aroma diffuser chakra bracelets for women and men alike.

The Benefits of Aroma Diffuser Chakra Bracelets

There are many benefits of the aroma diffuser chakra bracelets depending of the gemstones are made of and the essential oils you are using.

  • high energy level
  • state of well-being
  • tension and stress relief
  • refreshing and regenerating effects

Aroma Diffuser Chakra Bracelets in the Village Rock Shop

There are many crystals, gemstones and essential oils, each with different properties and effects. When you visit our shop in Carlsbad you can find a wide variety of aroma diffuser bracelets. If you do not have experience with gems, crystals, and essential oils, let us know. We will assist you gladly.

If you want to buy an aroma diffuser bracelet you better answer first to the following questions:

  • what do I wish to attract in my life?
  • what do I need to heal or balance in my being?

How to Use an Aroma Diffuser Bracelet?

The aroma diffuser bracelets combine the effects of aromatherapy and gem therapy. You can pour essential oil on the lava or clay beads. The beads will absorb the oil. Let the bracelet dry before you wear it. Some bracelets have a small compartment for the oil. Just open the compartment and pour 2-3 drops of essential oil and let it diffuse naturally. Wear your new aroma diffuser chakra bracelet for at least 1-2 weeks and be aware of the results.