Simple Ways to Use Your Selenite Chakra Wands

I love Selenite, it's one of the most powerful, yet gentle stones I've ever met. Also known as liquid light, the stone has pure, high-frequency energy. Many energy healers consider that the Selenite's energy in a wand is most powerful than in any other shape, sphere, heart or slice. The beautiful stone of the moon goddess, Selene is known as one of the most powerful purifying stones absorbing negative energies in any environment. Selenite wands are used to amplify amplify the user's or other crystal's energy.

It is also a highly appreciated stone among spiritual practitioners. It can be used to clear the environment before spiritual ceremonies, helping in creating a sacred space for any rituals. Selenite is also an amazing tool for meditations, relaxation and breathing techniques.

If you are not familiar with Selenite, we can assist you gladly, helping you to choose the best Selenite products for your needs. We can also teach you how to take good care of your Selenite products.

Selenite Wand - Benefits and Uses

  • Keep a Selenite wand on your work desk to help you stay focused and clear-minded
  • Leave Selenite wands near your front door, wave it in the air over your head, to cleanse your aura from unwanted energies when you get home
  • Hold it during relaxation to help you reset after a long day, it will give you the energy boost you need
  • Place a Selenite wand near your bed or under your pillow when you are suffering from sleeping disorders
  • Create a crystal grid and activate it with a Selenite wand
  • Cleanse and recharge your crystal jewelry using your Selenite wand
  • Alternative therapy practitioners often use Selenite wands to cleanse and align the chakras and clear the aura
  • Placed on tensioned areas, Selenite wands can help to remove energy blocks in the body

Selenite Products at the Village Rock Shop

How can I use my Selenite wand? This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers. You don't have to be a crystal therapist or and energy healer to be able to use a Selenite wand. If you feel attracted to Selenite wands, you'll be surprised how many ways are to use them in your everyday life.