Best Places and Ideas to Hang a Dreamcatcher

Are you looking for places where you can hang your new dreamcatcher? Would you like to find new spots to hang your dreamcatchers? At the Village Rock Shop, we have a selection of beautiful dreamcatchers, so it's often difficult for our customers to decide on which one to buy. We collaborate with local artisans who create dreamcatchers with a unique design, featuring genuine, organic materials, crystals, and gemstone beads.

All of our dreamcatchers present a unique design and feature beautiful stones in the center such as Agate slice, Coral, Aventurine pendulum, raw and tumbled Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, moon-shaped Blue Goldstone. If you want to have your favorite crystal incorporated in a dreamcatcher, let us know. Visit our shop or call us to discuss the details and the design of your custom-made dreamcatcher.

So, if you're looking for some ideas on where you should hang these beautiful dreamcatchers, we recommend the following spots:

Dreamcatchers for Your Bedroom

The primary purpose of a dreamcatcher is to protect us from bad dreams and nightmares while we sleep. So, the bedroom is the ideal place to hang them.

  • Bedroom window - the bedroom window is a common place for dreamcatchers to be hung.
  • On your bedroom wall - you can hang our beautiful dreamcatchers featuring crystals in the center on a blank wall in your bedroom, especially if you wish to create a serene, peaceful ambiance.
  • Above your bed - hang your new dreamcatcher above your bed to catch bad dreams and let the good ones float down. Our dreamcatchers adorned with beautiful crystals will be the perfect decor elements for your bedroom.

We recommend the following dreamcatchers:

Dreamcatchers for Your Entrance Door, Porch, Deck or Garden

  • Above the entrance of your home - this is the place where you can hang one of our dreamcatchers adorned with powerful protective crystals. Many of our customers love to hang their dreamcatchers to bring positive energies into their homes.
  • On your deck or front porch - these are other great spots to hang your dreamcatchers. During the warm season, we love to spend time outdoors, on our porch or deck, enjoying a few quiet moments or inviting our guests there. One or more dreamcatchers hanged there not only will attract positive vibes but will add a touch of uniqueness to your place.

We recommend the following dreamcatchers for your deck or front porch:

Dreamcatchers for Your Livingroom and Workspace

  • Livingroom window - the living room is where we spend a lot of time when we are at home, so it's good to have a beautifully handcrafted dreamcatcher adorned with crystals hanging on the window with lots of natural sunlight coming in.
  • Livingroom wall - hang layered dreamcatchers with long strands and beautiful long feathers on the blank wall of your living room. It will make the difference.
  • At your workplace - you can also hang your favorite dreamcatcher at your workplace on the wall. These dreamcatchers will not only look amazing but will bring positive energies, creating a supportive and inspiring environment.

We recommend the following dreamcatchers for your workspace:

Handmade, Customized Dreamcatchers at the Village Rock Shop

There are a wide variety of dreamcatchers available on the market. However, we recommend buying only dreamcatchers made of natural elements. In our shop, you can find a rich selection of authentic dreamcatchers, created by local artisans.

We offer dreamcatchers in various colors, sizes, from large layered dreamcatchers to small ones. You can hang the small dreamcatchers in your car, on your bathroom mirror or even on your Christmas tree.

You can also order custom made dreamcatchers if you have a special design in mind, or you want to match the colors of the dreamcatcher with your bedroom furniture, or if you would like to have your favorite crystal incorporated in your dreamcatcher, contact us, and we will order it for you.

Be creative, find new unusual spots to hang your dreamcatchers, and let us know where is your favorite place for them.