Om Mantra Crystals & Gemstone Products

If you have a regular mantra meditation or Japa yoga practice, you've probably heard about Japa mala also known as mala beads or prayer beads. People used prayer beads since ancient times in various religions, from Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Shintoism to Catholicism.

Nowadays, mala beads are often used for meditation or mantra yoga practices with no religious affiliation. Mala beads traditionally have 108 beads and one larger guru bead.

Om Mantra meditation has many benefits such as:

  • stress relief
  • improved focus
  • better concentration
  • sense of serenity
  • inner peace
  • enhanced intuition
  • spiritual evolution
  • resonance with spiritual realms

Mala Beads for Meditation

However, many people find it difficult to focus and keep their minds from wandering off during meditation. That's where mala beads come into play and aid in keeping the mind focused during meditation or Japa yoga.

Mantra yoga can be performed loudly or in silence mentally. A mantra is a phrase, word, syllable you can use to help focus during meditation. The "Om" mantra is the most common one, but there are many other mantras that can be used. To use mala beads with a mantra is simple, at each bead repeat your mantra.

How to select the right mala for your spiritual practice?
Malas come in a range of styles, the beads can be made from different materials including wood, seeds or gemstones. They're efficient tools that can help during any type of prayer, Mantra yoga, Japa yoga, or mindfulness practices. People who use mala beads for meditation experience improved concentration, focus, better awareness, and centering.

Crystals for Mantra Meditations

Nowadays, people practice meditation more and more frequently all around the world, individually or in groups, in centers of meditation. Daily meditation became a constant in the life of many people. Relaxation is essential for successful mantra meditations. No one can experience profound meditation, with a tensioned body and an agitated mind. One of the first steps of Om mantra meditation technique is relaxation. How to start your Om mantra meditation with crystals? Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, take deep breaths, hold your stone in your palm, and focus on the energy of the crystal to resonate with high vibrational universal energies, then start emitting your mantra.

We recommend the following crystals:

Other Gemstone Products for Mantra Meditation

If you don't like to use mala beads during your mantra meditation, you can still choose other crystal or gemstone products to benefit from the stones' high-vibrational energies. You can wear crystal jewelry or display crystals and gemstones in your meditation corner. Crystals will create a pure ambiance that will help you relax better and have an excellent mental focus during your spiritual practice.
We recommend the following products: