Top 10 Most Intense and Powerful Crystals and Stones

These stones with extraordinary, intense energy are a must-have for any crystal lover's collection. Their energy frequency has a powerful impact on the area where the crystal is and it's wonderful to have throughout your home, sacred space or workplace.

The following stones are powerful tools to use for meditation, prayer or crystal energy work. Please be aware that these minerals have intense energies and should be used with caution.

We recommend having grounding stones and stones with protective properties nearby whenever you work with the following stones. If you feel that the energy of the stone it's overwhelming, place it away for a while, work with a grounding stone to help you adjust your energy level to the intense energy of the stone.

The use of these stones dates back to ancient cultures in Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Rome, Greece, and South America.

Lemurian Quartz

Lemurian Quartz is a crystal with a special history. According to an ancient Yet legend, the crystal originates from the Lemurian civilization. The legend says that the Lemurian Quartz crystals were programmed during this lost civilization with spiritual teachings of wisdom and healing by the spiritually advanced Lemurians. The Lemurian civilization is considered by many the original motherland of humanity. According to legends from all around the world, it was similar to the Atlantis civilization but more advanced spiritually and more peaceful.

Lemurian Quartz properties include:

  • Helps in spiritual transformation
  • Removes energy blocks
  • Helps enter higher states of consciousness
  • Energizes and cleanses all chakras

How to use your Lemurian Quartz: it is an excellent tool for spiritual practices and energy healing.


Moldavite is definitely one of the most powerful stones you may ever touch. It radiates energy with an intense frequency that causes reactions called the Moldavite Flush. Moldavite can be found only in the Czech Republic and it has a unique origin as it was created 15 million years ago when a meteorite impacted the Earth's surface.
The benefits of Moldavite include:

  • Attracts synchronicities
  • Promotes spiritual awakening
  • Catalyzes transformations
  • Connects you to Higher Self
  • Improves mental health
  • Clears energy blocks
  • Spiritual healing

Wearing Moldavite jewelry is the easiest way to resonate with the stone's intense, transformative energy.

Moqui Marbles

Known as "Shaman Stones" these stones are found in southern Utah, near the north side of the Grand Canyon and are traditionally used by the Hopi Indian shamans in ritual practices.
Properties of Moqui Marbles include:

  • Brings grounding and centering
  • Balances male/female energies
  • Connects to the energies of Mother Earth
  • Stimulates psychic abilities
  • Channels higher knowledge
  • Helps to contact angelic entities and spirit guides
  • Clear energy blockages and brings inner balance
  • Helps to awaken intuition

We invite you to visit our shop and purchase Moqui Marbles, it will be a great addition to your mineral collection and an excellent tool for your spiritual practices.


Auralite-23 is another mysterious stone that radiates special energy. Immediately upon touch, you will feel the intense vibration of the stone. Auralite-23 is an excellent tool for those who practice meditation. Those who worked with Auralite-23 confess that the stone has a powerful impact on their everyday life.

Benefits that Auralite-23 brings:

  • Helps to enter deep meditations
  • Brings more awareness
  • Catalyzes spiritual transformation
  • Enhances mental strength
  • Brings healing and balance to the physical body
  • Cools fiery emotions
  • Helps to release emotional and mental blocks

Auralite-23 can be a great addition to your stone collection, a special gift for crystal enthusiast friends, and also an efficient tool for your meditation practice.


This is another stone with high-vibrational energy. It can be found only in a few locations, including the United States, Canada, Russia, Norway and Greenland. The name of this stone comes from the Greek word Astro which means star and refers to its star-like patterns. Astrophyllite forms with various color combinations; white, golden-yellow, and brown.
Astrophyllite's properties:

  • Helps to connect with the crown chakra
  • Heightens perception
  • Helps to build deep relationships
  • Promotes out of body experiences
  • Enhances mental abilities
  • Heals emotional traumas

The stone's beautiful appearance makes it perfect for jewelry pieces; pendants or rings. Wearing Astophilite jewelry is the simplest way to infuse your aura with the stone's energy throughout your day.


Shungite is a rare black stone that intermediates between amorphous carbon and graphite. It is often called "the miracle stone of our century" and can only be found in Russia. The stone has a unique structure and contains fullerenes, carbon in the form of spherical ions. Due to this structure, Shungite has the ability to absorb harmful radiations from the environment and has powerful EMF shielding properties.
The properties of Shungite have been studied and tested in Russia.

Shungite has many properties, including:

  • water purifying
  • grounding
  • protection against radiation
  • enhancing mental clarity
  • amplifying the root chakra
  • bringing spiritual transformation


Seraphinite is one of the strongest crystals and the intense energy of the stone can be felt as soon as you touch it. Even for those who have experience working with crystals the energy of this stone can be overwhelming. Seraphinite is also known as the stone of spiritual enlightenment. Named after the Seraphims, one of the highest orders of angels, it is one of the most important stones to resonate with high vibrational energies. The simplest and most fashionable way to enjoy the amazing properties of this stone is to wear it as jewelry. There are beautiful Seraphinite jewelry pieces on the market: bracelets, pendants, earrings. It's the best way to infuse your aura with its energy throughout your day.

Seraphinite's benefits:

  • Helps to find inner balance
  • Cleanses the chakras and aura
  • Brings accelerated spiritual transformation
  • Connects you to spiritual entities
  • Helps to heal the nervous system
  • Facilitates awareness on spiritual planes
  • Inspires living from the heart

Russian Lemurian Quartz

Russian Lemurian Quartz strongly resonates with the crown chakra, the center of spirituality. The crystal can be found on the western slopes of the Ural Mountains. Due to its special properties, it has been used for military and for high-tech applications in Russia.

Russian Lemurian Quartz a very high vibrational quartz crystal.

Russian Lemurian Quartz Crystal's properties:

  • Assists in emotional balancing
  • Enahnces mental focus
  • Helps to access an ancient knowledge
  • Aids spiritual transformation
  • Promotes self-healing on all levels

How to use your Russian Lemurian Quartz: use it for energy healing practices, during relaxation, or hold it in your hands while you meditate.

Tibetan Quartz

Tibetan Quartz can be found in the Himalayan mountains of Tibet and Nepal, at over 15,000 feet altitude, on locations accessible only by foot. When you want to resonate with Tibetan spirituality work with this crystal. Tibetan Quartz has a unique appearance presenting inclusions of an unidentifiable mineral and has several metaphysical properties.

Some of the benefits of Tibetan Quartz crystals:

  • Opens every chakra
  • Eliminates energy blockages
  • Channels the energy of spiritual masters
  • Promotes spiritual awareness.
  • Carries the vibration of the OM mantra

How to use your Tibetan Quartz: this crystal has a pure, high-vibrational energy, so keep it in a clean space such as your sacred altar or meditation corner. Keep it nearby or hold it in your hand during your meditation, prayer or yoga practice.


Impactite was created 500 million years ago when a meteorite impacted Earth's surface. The stone can be found in Norway and emanates intense energy, that offers unparalleled experienced to the beholder that is similar to the "Moldavite Flush".

Benefits of Impactite:

  • Clears energy blockages
  • Promotes awareness
  • Awakens self-healing abilities
  • Offers aura protection
  • Dissipates negative energies

How to use your Impactite: during relaxation, while holding the stone in your palm or placing it on tensioned areas, focus your attention to resonate with its energy. During your meditations, the stone will help you experience a high state of consciousness and expanded awareness.

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