Moqui Marbles

Moqui Marbles

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Moqui Marbles are found in southern Utah and Arizona, have a sandstone center covered by a shell of hematite.Known also as "Shaman Stones" these special stones are traditionally used by the Hopi Indian shamans in ritual ceremonies. These stones have female (flatter on one side) and male stones (round ones).

Benefits of Moqui Marbles include:

  • brings grounding
  • increases centering
  • balances male/female energies
  • connects to Mother Earth
  • stimulates psychic abilities
  • channels wisdom, higher knowledge
  • helps to connect with angelic entities and spirit guides
  • clears energy blocks
  • enhances intuition

Note: All Moqui Marbles are unique, you will receive a Moqui Marble similar to the ones in the image.

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