Eliminate Negative Energy Before & After The Holidays

Your home is your shelter, where you can rest, and recharge for a new day. Home is where you can escape from the stress of your everyday life and prepare yourself to take on new challenges. However, your home will provide a safe setting for renewal only if it's clean, cozy, with a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

When negative energies take over your home, that can affect your mood, well-being, and even your health. When you're not feeling good at home, that can lead to more stress and anxiety. How can a place be filled with negative energies? Sometimes we bring home the stress, worries, fear, anxiety that we experience during the day and relationship conflicts can also create toxic energies in our place. Mess, clutter, lack of natural light bring bad vibes as well. Creating a clean environment with positive energies is not difficult.

There are a few simple ways to get rid of toxic energies and invite pure, uplifting ones in your home:

Display Beautiful Crystals in Your Home

Each crystal carries pure, protective energies. You can benefit from the energy of the crystals in so many ways. You can hold them during relaxation, meditation, or yoga practices, wear them as jewelry or use them as home decor elements. Most crystals have high vibrational energies, so when you display them in your home you are inviting pure energies and dispel bad ones.

The following crystals will dispel any destructive energies in your home:

Smudge with Spiritual Herbs

Sage smudging is a simple and effective way to clear negative energy from an environment. One of the most widely used herbs for smudging is sage. Sage is harvested and dried in bundles, then burned for its purifying smoke. People also use Palo Santo, the South American fragrant wood, for smudging practices, since it's known to be a powerful energy cleanser and it is really simple to use it. Just light one end of a Palo Santo stick and spread the smoke in your home.

We have carefully sourced spiritual herbs and smudging kits:

Create a Welcoming Ambiance in Your Home Using Our Products

Everything is energy in the Universe, and know that it's up to you to create and maintain a toxic or a pure, uplifting energy field in your home. I believe it's important to have a welcoming ambiance in our homes, so when you visit the Village Rock Shop you'll find a rich selection of products that can be used for home cleansing including:

All these products will help you make your home a welcoming place for friends and family during the holidays.

May your home be filled with peace, love, and joy during the holiday season!