Crystals For Yoga & Meditation

Meditation is not just a simple technique that can make us feel better. Even if meditating might seem difficult for many, even if sometimes practitioners are confronted with their problems and anxieties as soon as they close their eyes and remain alone with themselves, profound meditations make it possible to surpass those problems. Meditation is a way of beneficial self-transformation that allows us to improve many of the aspects of our lives.

Daily meditation practice:

  • improves focus and concentration
  • refines inner perceptions
  • balances emotions
  • heal emotional traumas
  • improves our health
  • awakens intuition
  • relieves stress and reduce anxiety
  • transforms anger, frustration
  • awakens inner peace and serenity
  • harmonizes body, mind, and spirit
  • reduces anxiety
  • enhances self-confidence

Crystals to Improve the Quality of Meditations

Crystals can help us enter profound meditative states. Holding or wearing crystals during meditations creates a connection between our being and the crystal's energy. Just holding a Clear Quartz palm stone can facilitate to experience moments of tranquility and centering.
Holding crystals during meditation will help us to improve our mental focus, clear the mind of thoughts, and experience profound meditation. Visit our shop to select crystals for your meditation practice.
Create your sacred, tranquil space for meditation using crystals: tower generators, spheres, large geodes, large clusters, crystal pyramids, raw or tumbled crystals.

For your meditation corner we recommend:

Display Crystals on Your Sacred Altar

A sacred altar will bring high-vibrational energies into the place where you practice your daily meditation or yoga techniques. Your altar will be the special place where you can display symbolic items, candles, singing bowls, statues, essential oils, and crystals. In our shop, you will find a rich selection of products for your altar: crystal hearts, spheres, tower generators, double terminated crystals, crystal bowls, plates, slices, large geodes, candles, statues, incenses, Himalaya salt lamps, and crystal grids.

We recommend the following products for your altar:

Mala Beads and Palm Stones to Improve Mental Focus

A good mental focus is essential for meditation, no one can meditate with a disturbed mind. There are powerful crystals that can help to achieve excellent focus and concentration. Palm stones, mala beads, or tumbled crystals are great meditation tools. It is easy to hold them in our palms during meditation. We have a wide selection of beautiful gemstone mala beads locally made by Sarah Breiner aka "Mala Mama".

Those who want to experience profound meditations can benefit from the high vibrational energy of palm stones or tumbled crystals.
We recommend the following crystals to improve focus and concentration:

Crystals to Help You Relax in Meditation

Relaxation is another essential key to profound meditation. No one can enter in deep meditative states with a tensioned body and an agitated mind.
Relaxation is one of the first phases of meditation techniques. At the Village Rock Shop, you'll find crystals with soothing energy that can help you achieve profound relaxation on a physical, emotional, and mental level.

We recommend the following products for relaxation:

Crystals for Yoga Practice

Yoga postures practiced daily have a series of benefits on all levels of our being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Yoga is an excellent solution for fitness and for stress relief. Yoga postures are excellent for office workers sitting at their work desk for eight- or more hours, for seniors, pregnant women, children, basically everyone can benefit from perseverant yoga practice. Many yoga practitioners know that crystals can be used as efficient tools during their yoga sessions.
How to use crystals to improve your yoga practice:

  • Place crystals on your yoga mat to protect you from negative influences
  • Maintain a pure ambiance in your yoga space, placing crystal geodes and large clusters in your room
  • Place tumbled crystals or palm stones on tensioned areas of your body during yoga relaxation
  • Wear crystal mala beads or crystal jewelry during your yoga session

Affordable Quality Crystals for Your Spiritual Practice

As you can see, crystals have many properties that can help you improve your yoga and meditation practice. If you are curious, but still skeptical, I suggest you visit our shop, buy crystal jewelry, a tumbled stone, a palm stone that attracts you and see what transformations appear in your life or if you feel any differently. We look forward to assisting you in finding the best crystals for your meditation and yoga practice.