Crystals to Keep in Your Car

Driving can certainly be enjoyable. However, we all have days when dealing with traffic congestion, road rage, crowded crossroads, or terrible weather on the road. I'm sure on those days you would appreciate a helpful crystal companion.

There are multiple ways to wear or carry crystals and one of the simplest ways to have them close throughout the day is to keep them in your car.

To help you decide on what crystals to have in your vehicle, we've rounded up a list of crystals that can help with car sickness, keep your mind focused and promote protection. These shiny stones can reduce tension and worries and bring a calming vibe that will benefit both the driver and the passengers.

I love to hang Aerol's wire-wrapped crystals on the rear-view mirror. These wire-wrapped crystals not only look great but for me, this is the best way to display my favorite raw stones in my car.

Shungite for Protection

Black stones are known for their powerful protective energies, and Shungite is no exception to that. This stone with a mysterious origin can be found only in Russia, and it has a unique structure. It contains hollow carbon cages called fullerenes that allow to absorb and transform harmful EMFs. If I could only have one stone in my car, it would be Shungite.

Some of the benefits of having Shungite in your car:

  • protects against harmful EMFs that emanate from cell phones, telephone towers, and high voltage lines
  • promotes grounding and stability, which is highly beneficial for long-distance driving
  • harmonizes the environment, keeping a clean energy field in your car

Shungite products for your car: Shungite pendants, tumbled Shungite, Shungite pyramid, Shungite cube.

Black Tourmaline for Protection and Stability

Black Tourmaline activates the Root chakra, helping you stay grounded, stable, and focused in a stressful situation.

It can also remove negative, disturbing energies from your vehicle's environment.

If you're quickly getting stressed, worried, or anxious by terrible weather or other cars on the road, Black Tourmaline will help you stay calm and centered.

It also brings an uplifting vibe to remind you that driving isn't only about stress and it can be enjoyable and fun.

Recommended Black Tourmaline products for your car:

Black Obsidian the Passenger's Crystal Guard

Black Obsidian is another powerful protective stone that dissipates negative energy and promotes strength and stability. Whenever you are traveling as a passenger, take this stone with you.

It will help you feel safe, grounded, and centered in a foreign environment; therefore, it's a must-have stone for long-distance travel.

It is also beneficial for drivers to enhance their confidence during traveling on challenging roads or in bad weather conditions.

Recommended Black Obsidian products for your car:

  • tumbled Black Obsidian
  • Black Obsidian mala
  • Black Obsidian pendant
  • Black Obsidian charm

Howlite for Passenger's Comfort

Howlite comes with a peaceful vibe that can benefit those who struggle with motion sickness, whether they travel on land, by sea, or in the air.

Howlite soothes the nerves, stabilizes the emotions, and calms the mind.

This beautiful white stone has a high vibrational energy that can help drivers stay alert and focused while driving.

Keep this soothing white stone close when you are traveling, as it will make your journey more peaceful and enjoyable.

Recommended Howlite products for your car:

  • tumbled Howlite
  • small Howlite towers
  • Howlite pendants
  • Howlite mala
  • wire wrapped tumbled Howlite

Amethyst Promotes Alertness During Long Drives

Amethyst has high vibrational energy and resonates with the three higher chakras. It enhances mental focus, awakens intuition, and promotes the clarity of the mind.

It is a powerful protective crystal that brings a sense of security.

Amethyst helps both drivers and passengers in reducing the symptoms of motion sickness and anxiety.

Quality Amethyst products for your car:

Village Rock Shop tip: place a larger Amethyst cluster under your car seat.

Clear Quartz Helps you Stay Calm in Traffic Congestions

Clear Quartz promotes clarity and protection while on the road and it can help you to drive focused and relaxed without stress or distractions. This versatile crystal cleanses your aura and the environment being one of the best crystals to have in your car.

The crystal's pure energy helps drivers stay alert and attentive and clears confusion. It also promotes centeredness and allows you to remain calm and grounded in traffic congestion.

Placed in your car, Clear Quartz will radiate high vibrational energy, creating a safe energy shield around your car.

Clear Quartz products for your car:

Tiger's Eye Will Help You Become a Confident Driver

With its uplifting vibe, Tiger's Eye is one of the best stones for experienced or novice drivers, promoting courage and self-confidence.

This stone is highly beneficial for long-distance drives, as it brings stamina and keeps you alert.

If other drivers' road rage or the speed of the highway overwhelms you, keep the Stone of Courage in your vehicle.

Quality Tiger's Eye products to keep in your car:

VRS tip: keep a small-sized Tiger's Eye tower in the glove department and hang a Tiger's Eye pendant on your rear-view mirror.

Crystals for Your Car at the Village Rock Shop

We hope you enjoyed learning about these wonderful stones. These are some of the best crystals to keep in your car for safe and enjoyable driving. Best places to keep your crystals in your car:

  • hang rear-view mirror crystal accessories; pendants, crystal charms
  • attach a crystal charm to your keychain
  • place a large crystal under your seat
  • have your favorite protective stones in a pouch in the glove compartment
  • place raw stones on the dashboard

If you can't find a product on our webshop call us, we might have it in our store or we can order it for you. We invite you to visit our store in Carlsbad, to find more crystals to accompany you on your journeys.