Aerol's Artistic Crystal Jewelry

A Warm Welcome to Aerol's Crystals

At Village Rock Shop we have a wide variety of hand-made, unique crystal jewelry. Each crystal jewelry piece carries an energy with specific vibration and property. Wearing crystal jewelry allows a better connection with that crystal.

In our shop you can find various types of the following categories for both men and women, featuring gemstones and crystals:

These crystal jewelry pieces are more than just jewelry, they are also power pieces bringing purification, inner growth and harmony to the wearer.

Crystal jewelries never go out of style, and they have been worn and adored since ancient times.

Wearing crystal jewelry is one of the best ways to benefit from the amazing properties of gemstones and crystals and also there are one of the most beautiful accessories anyone could wear. We collaborate with talented, creative artists to provide our customers with beautifully crafted crystal jewelries.

Aerol's Power Pieces at the Village Rock Shop

One of our suppliers is Aerol, who comes from a family of artists. He is an artist and jeweler, who creates his power pieces out of crystals and thick recycled, copper wires.

His journey as a jeweler started nine years ago when he created a crystal jewelry for himself. His crystal wrapped in recycled copper wire had a powerful effect on others, many people admired it, so, he started to create jewelry for others too. Aerol's jewelry is 100% hand-crafted, since he does not use any tools in the act of creation, except his hands. His pieces can be worn as a necklaces, keychaines or bracelets. He makes custom jewelries upon request adding to the customer's crystal or gemstone an artistic touch.

Wearing Aerol's crystal jewelry is one of the most expressive ways to enjoy the benefits of these magnificent stones. You can find Aerol's unique wire wrapped jewelry in our shop. You'll feel adorned in their beauty and purity, while indulging in their special energy everywhere you go. Whether it's a necklace, bracelet or pendant, Aerol's crystal jewelry is stunning and adds an exquisite finishing touch on any ensemble.