Crystals and Aromatherapy in Healing Sessions

Ayurvedic medicine considers that crystals, gemstones and essential oils have specific energetic, and healing properties. Aromatherapy uses natural essential oils to improve health and maintain overall well-being.

This type of alternative therapy has effects on body, mind, and spirit. As a type of holistic treatment, it incorporates aromatic plants in resins, balms, and oils.

Recently, aromatherapy has gained more recognition and popularity all over the world. Each essential oil has a wide array of unique properties. By choosing the right essential oils, the immediate effects are:

  • awakening your being's innate healing powers
  • experiencing vitality,
  • triggering regeneration
  • awakening wholeness
  • fights bacteria and viruses

Which are the Uses of the Amazing Essential Oils?

Essential oils work through the sense of smell and skin absorption and are used in:

  • diffusers, aromatic spritzers and inhalers
  • aroma diffuser bracelets
  • cosmetic products and massage oils
  • hot or cold compresses and facial steamers.

In recent days, the popularity of essential oils started to grow at a higher pace, thanks to their numerous benefits. Among those, some of the notable ones include:

  • reducing the anxiety levels
  • reducing inflammation
  • boosting the mood and general well-being
  • improving sleep quality

The Impact of The Aroma Diffuser Bracelets

An Aroma Diffuser Bracelet is a piece of jewelry made of lava or clay beads that absorb the essential oils, or leather with a small pocket of essential oils that diffuse naturally amazing scents for hours. Their incredible persistence of the scent makes the bracelets differ from the oils directly applied to the skin. The aroma diffuser chakra bracelet is a beautiful, portable, and stylish way to benefit from aromatherapy and gem therapy throughout your day.

Smells are linked to our cerebral cortex and to our limbic system. Depending on the type of oil you use, the benefits can be:

  • relaxation
  • anxiety relief
  • high energy level
  • state of well-being
  • tension and stress relief
  • refreshing effects

Balance your chakras with the properties of gemstones and essential oils. There are unisex aroma diffuser chakra bracelets for women and men alike. Aroma diffuser chakra bracelets can be made of different materials; the colors of the beads are important though. Each colored bead represents a chakra: red, orange, yellow, green/blue, indigo, violet, and white.

Aromatherapy and Crystals at the Village Rock Shop

In our shop, you'll find a wide variety of crystals and essential oils. If you do not have any experience with rocks, gems, crystals, and essential oils let us know. We will assist you gladly to find the best products for your needs.

Energy healers combine aromatherapy with crystal therapy to create a synergistic blend that will have even more benefits. Crystals, gemstones, and essential oils have been used in most cultures to complement and amplify other therapies.

Aromatherapy and crystal therapy treat the whole being. Aromatherapy is also used to purify the room where the healing takes place, to create a pure, peaceful, and serene ambiance. Based on your problems and necessities, our therapists will know what oils and stones to use and recommend for daily use. Aromatherapy and crystal therapy are complementary therapies, these are no replacements for a doctor-approved treatment plan.