Best Crystals to Improve Your Intuition

Crystals are an inherent part of spiritual practice. Having multiple uses, they can attract, store, and transfer energies. They can also be programmed for various purposes, and while some require purifying to enhance their properties (through water or white sage smoke), others are self-cleansing.

Once you have confirmed your intention and your goals are increasingly clear, you will feel the vibrations of the chosen stone and establish a connection.

It is all up to you to decide how you would like to wield its powers: you can constantly wear it with you, use it in healing sessions, or keep it at home in a permanent location.

To find the crystal that is best suited for your intention, you need to pair its intrinsic function to your manifestation. If you aim to improve your intuition, you should know that certain minerals are perfectly fit for this purpose and help you develop your intuitive side and trust yourself more.

Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite is particularly helpful in facilitating healing on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Everyone reacts impeccably to the multitude of benefits induced by this soothing stone, which activates the Third Eye and Throat Chakras, supporting a deepened intuition.

This crystal clears negative energies, encourages relaxation and inner transformation, easing your trips into the dream world. Exploring your unconscious will allow you to discern unspoken messages and better understand yourself while awakening your intuition.

You can try these Blue Calcite products to boost inspired thoughts from a grounded position of strength:

Pink Amethyst

This gemstone can fill your heart with loving energies, instill a calming and peaceful mind, and guide your spirit towards an enhanced intuition. Being able to understand your experiences from a heightened perspective will help you achieve your purpose with more ease and balance.

Wearing or keeping Pink Amethyst nearby increases clarity, and your decision-making process will no longer have any lingering doubts. It is also recommended for people suffering from grief, sadness, and anxiety, being especially helpful in releasing emotional traumas.

Self-confidence ensures personal growth, and this is what you will receive. If you want to benefit from the effects of Pink Amethyst, you can try:

Lapis Lazuli

This vibrant stone is known for its protective properties, keeping negative energies away. Widely used since ancient times, Lapis Lazuli is most valued for accessing your inner nature, stimulating intuition and mental abilities.

This gem of wisdom encourages self-awareness, helping you discern the truth and letting it flow. Its empowering vibrations are exceptionally transmitted through manifestation and meditation practices, allowing for more intense spiritual connections.

Lapis Lazuli high vibrational products you might love for their spiritual and harmonizing qualities:


Labradorite is a stone of significant change, transforming consciousness through focused intentions. Its mystic qualities help illuminate your intuition, providing you with the proper means of exploring your life's path.

With an awakened intuition and boosted self-confidence, synchronicity will take on a whole new meaning, and you will be able to observe and understand what you may have once overlooked.

This insightful crystal will lead the way to a new and improved version of reality. You can choose from the following Labradorite products that stimulate enlightenment, release stress, and brings peace:


Sodalite is also known for activating intuition and enhancing perception. Mind clarity and emotional balance will develop self-esteem and help unveil the latent, authentic truth inside of you.

Learning to trust our instincts is an essential ability that we need to explore and control, and Sodalite has the power to reconnect us to a renewed sense of truth.

It nurtures intuition, which lets us know how we feel before our mind gets the chance to turn on its analyzing functions, encourages objectivity, and provides deep inner-self knowledge.

Use this healing crystal and discover its benefits:

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Perceptive insight can be enhanced by using particular crystals. The more you focus on developing intuition, the more you will absorb the powerful vibrations of your chosen gems.

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