Best Crystals and Gemstones for Pets

June 11th 2020

In a way similar to us, our pets do face a lot of problems, most can be relieved through our healing crystals and gemstones. Crystals help soothe your beloved pet in case she is dealing with separation anxiety or hyperactivity. We have different therapeutic gemstones that can ease the pain as well as support the well-being of your beloved animal, both physical and emotional.

Let your pet wear a simple crystal charm on his collar or just place the gemstone on that part of your pet's body that has problems to drive in its benefits there!

Alternatively, you may place a crystal in your pet's bed so that the healing vibrations can get absorbed throughout the night. Sometimes, a big crystal kept at a corner of your room may tempt your cat to just rub against it.

Here are some popular crystals we recommend for your pets:

Amethyst Acts as a Multipurpose Healer for Pets

Amethyst crystals are just amazing and a must if you have an older cat or dog. As a powerful multipurpose healer, this crystal can help with problems related to the heart, skin, stomach, and digestion. The healing vibrations of this crystal can get rid of fleas in your pets. Moreover, having an Amethyst in your pet's room will help your pet relax, reduce fear, ease grief, and deal with separation anxiety and panic attacks well.

Some of the most popular Amethyst crystal products at the Village Rock Shop are:

Smoky Quartz Can Heal Paw Disorders

A wonderful gemstone that helps get rid of negative energy can also help with disorders of the nervous system and swelling. Smoky Quartz eases your pet's pain, gives strength to the muscles, and heals ailments related to heart, stomach, reproductive system, hips, and legs.

This crystal can clear negative energy at your home and bring friendship among squabbly pets. This is a must-to-have crystal if you have more than one pet in your home.

We have these Smoky Quartz products at the Village Rock Shop:

Selenite Helps Pets Overcome Lethargy

Selenite is great at driving away unwanted negative energy, especially if your pet looks weak or lethargic. You may just give your pet a gentle massage with a Selenite sphere over their fur or scan a Selenite wand over your pet's body.

This crystal can work wonders in physical healing by releasing tight muscles and improving flexibility. It is also beneficial for seizures. Placing a Selenite sphere under your dog's bed can give him a sound, relaxing sleep.

Here's a list of popular Selenite products we have at the Village Rock Shop:

Rose Quartz Helps Pets Accept Love

Apart from its benefits in healing injury and reducing stress, Rose Quartz is a special crystal that improves cordiality in pets. If your cat or dog is not friendly, the positive energy of the crystal is certainly of help and will let your pet learn to accept companionship without any hesitation or fear. Moreover, Rose Quartz crystal can make the introduction of a new pet to your home a very smooth process. Being one of the best crystals pets should have, Rose quartz wards away behaviors such as fear, nervousness, and aggression.

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Carnelian Revitalizes Your Pet

Carnelian is a magical gemstone that can help your pet release his emotions like anger, envy, or fear. You just need to have Carnelian around your nervous or shy pet's collar and it will bring in happiness, courage, emotional warmth for your beloved pet.

Carnelian is quite revitalizing and deeply relaxing for your pet, and it promotes healing by encouraging cells to release their disharmony. So, Carnelian is a good choice if your pet has skin problems and seems to be sluggish with low energy and a weak immune system

We have the below Carnelian product available at the Village Rock Shop:

Agate Helps Pets Quickly Adapt to Changes

Agate has a very powerful but gentle energy that awakens your pet's inner healing capacity and also deeply nourishes your pet's body. The crystal will help your pet adapt to environmental as well as other changes easily, assist with sleep issues, and deal with anxiety.

Agate can be worn by your pet to concentrate better during training as it opens up the channel of communication between your pet and other people.

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