Tumbled Stromatolite

Tumbled Stromatolite

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Stromatolites, the oldest known macrofossils, are fossilized layered deposits of algae within billion-year-old sedimentary rocks. These fossils are significant sources of information on the early development of life on our planet as they were responsible for the creation of the Earth's atmospheric oxygen. They consume CO2 and release O2 through their photosynthetic metabolism.

Stromatolites range in various colors, including white, yellow, brown, beige, reddish-brown, and grey. Stromatolites can contain impurities within the bedrock, which is usually limestone. These ancient fossils can be found worldwide, including in the United States, Australia, Canada, Morocco, the northern European and Baltic states.

Benefits of working with tumbled Stromatolites:

  • promotes grounding
  • helps to activate and balance the Root Chakra
  • brings nourishing and rejuvenation
  • excellent tool for manifestation
  • facilitates longevity
  • brings inner strenght
  • promotes calmness and peace
  • resonates with the ancient knowledge
  • connects with the nature
  • connects with Mother Earth
  • facilitates inner growth
  • brings transformation
  • assist in emotional healing
  • gently removes blockages

Note: There are no two tumbled Stromatolites alike, you will receive a Stromatolite similar to the ones in the image.

Approximately 1 inch.

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