Tumbled Petrified Wood
Tumbled Petrified Wood

Tumbled Petrified Wood

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Petrified Woods are fossilized remains of terrestrial vegetation by the process of permineralization. The tumbled Petrified Wood has many benefits. It can be used to release survival-based fears, bringing a sense of security. Petrified Wood also facilitates slow but steady inner transformation.

Benefits of using tumbled Petrified Woods:

  • promote grounding
  • facilitate stability
  • promote focus and concentration
  • resonate with ancient knowledge
  • aid in energy healing
  • strengthen the skeletal system
  • resonate with the ancient energies of the earth

Note: All tumbled Petrified Woods are unique in their own way. There are no two alike. You will receive a tumbled Petrified Wood that looks similar to those in the image posted. Our new stock of Petrified Wood is from Arizona, so it has more brown-red colors.
Approximate size: 1 inch.


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