Tumbled Iolite

Tumbled Iolite

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Iolite can indicate the direction of the sun on an overcast day. It is known as “Viking’s Compass” because it was used as a navigational tool. Iolite opens the Third Eye, it stimulates memory and other mental abilities. It encourages self-expression, free from expectations. It is recommended to aid in malaria and fever. Iolite was used by shamans to improve their psychic abilities.

Benefits of Iolite, the stone helps to:

  • increase inner strength
  • enhance self-confidence
  • awaken intuition
  • promote responsibility
  • support detoxification
  • alleviate migraines
  • cultivate pure thoughts
  • awaken self-acceptance
Note: All tumbled Iolite stones are unique, you will receive one tumbled stone similar to the ones on the image posted.
Approximate size 0.75x1 inches, perfect for everyday carry.

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