Tumbled Fossilized Palm Root
Tumbled Fossilized Palm Root

Tumbled Fossilized Palm Root

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Fossilized Palm Root was created over millions of years by colossal pressure that transformed the Indonesian Palm’s root and wood. This process resulted in stunning crystal formations that have absorbed cosmic energy across millions of years.
Fossilized palm root resonates with the Earth element, emanates a gently grounding energy, brings serenity and tranquility. It carries the timeless wisdom of the evolving Earth into the present. This knowledge reveals the sacred nature of all life forms.

Benefits of using Fossilized Palm Root:

  • stimulates the life force energy
  • assists in spiritual transformation
  • promotes calmness and peace
  • clears negative energies
  • helps to heal past trauma
  • releases fear
  • uplifts and energizes
  • encourages self-discovery
  • radiates positive energy
Note: All Fossilized Palm Root stones are unique, you will receive a crystal similar to the image posted.
Approximate size: 1 inch. Sourced from Indonesia and ideal for everyday carry.

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