Tumbled Blue Aragonite/Caribbean Blue Calcite - Pakistan

Tumbled Blue Aragonite/Caribbean Blue Calcite - Pakistan

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You might see these beauties also called Caribbean Blue Calcite or just Blue Calcite and that's because both Aragonite and Calcite are chemically identical (calcium carbonate). Calcium Carbonate crystalizes usually as calcite, but surprizingly it forms Aragonite in seawater. This incredible outcome is so important for the Earths cycle, neutralizing carbon dioxide in the atmosphereand benefitig shells and corals formation. Aragonite can ultimately transform into calcite over time. 

Caribbean Blue Calcite is used for:

  • calming the mind during meditation 
  • activating the Third Eye 
  • energizing the Crown Chakra
  • activating the Throat Chakra
  • enhancing psychic abilities 
  • elevating consciousness
  • awakening a sense of calm
  • bringing serenity 
  • ascending to higher vibrations 
  • having lucid dreams 
  • relaxation techniques
  • entering deep meditation states
  • improving communication with others
  • relaxing tensed areas of the body

Approximately 1 inch.

Note: All crystals are unique in their own way, there are no two alike. You will receive 1 crystal that is similar to the ones in the images posted.

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