Quartz Slice #1
Quartz Slice #1

Quartz Slice #1

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Quartz amplifies life and healing energy, which is why it is considered a master healer stone. The Quartz Slice crystal absorbs, stores, amplifies, balances, and releases energy and is also excellent for unblocking energy. It is the perfect gift for someone who wants to purify their environment, harmonize their emotions and increase inspiration and creativity.

The stone can be helpful in romantic relationships, and on a physical level, its energy can reduce fatigue, intestinal troubles, and arthritis.

The benefits of the Quartz Slice crystal:

  • brings the body into balance
  • aligns the subtle bodies
  • harmonizes all the chakras
  • channels universal energy
  • amplifies healing energy
  • helps with deep meditation
  • protects and purifies
  • draws out pain
  • improves mental and physical energy
  • enhances spiritual growth
  • harmonizes the environment
  • energizes other crystals
  • brings clarity
  • increases inspiration and creativity
  • amplifies intention
  • facilitates connection with higher self
What does the Quartz Slice do on a spiritual level?

The Quartz Slice can enrich your spiritual life by sharpening your perception and improving the clarity of your thoughts. It will also strengthen your aura, and increase your energy level, bringing peace and spiritual calmness.

The stone's energy supports spiritual growth and helps with overcoming difficult emotional blockages. It is great for those who need gentle support in processing their experiences.

Does the Quartz Slice bring luck?

The Clear Quartz Slice is particularly great at releasing mental blockages and fears that might prevent you from achieving success, pursuing your goals, and having enough courage for decision-making.

So yes, this high-vibration stone can bring you luck by preparing you mentally and energetically for attracting good fortune and achievements.

How do I cleanse and charge a Clear Quartz Slice crystal?

Clear Quartz Slice crystals are highly attuned to the energy of the world and Mother Nature. So when you feel the need to charge and cleanse the crystal and give its energy back, place it under the moon's light overnight.

Other cleansing methods you can use for the Quartz Slice are white sage or palo santo smudging or smoking it with your preferred healing incense.

Note: You will receive the Quartz Slice Crystal posted in the image.

Size: approximately 10x9x1 inches.

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