Extra Large Light Smoky Quartz Tower
Extra Large Light Smoky Quartz Tower

Extra Large Light Smoky Quartz Tower

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Size: approximately 11" tall, 3.5" wide, 2.25" deep.

Note: You will receive the crystal posted in the image. There is a raw part in this crystal, please refer to second image posted. This is by no means a break, it is just a beautiful imperfection in the crystal that makes it unique.

Smoky quartz got its name from the brownish-grey color. The crystalline quartz is exposed to natural underground radiation emitted from the surrounding granite deposits. It is the perfect gift for someone who’s seeking to reconnect with Mother Earth and to bring healing into their life. Smoky quartz neutralizes negative vibrations and protects against electromagnetic smog. It is gently detoxifying on all levels.

Is used for:

  • grounding
  • raising vibration during meditation
  • detoxification
  • positive decisions
  • healing depression
  • emotional calmness
  • relieving headaches
  • increased concentration
  • balance
  • wisdom
  • amplifying the energy of other stones
  • soothing vibes
  • inner calm
  • spiritual intuition
  • releasing jealousy, fear and anger
  • energy cleanse
  • environmental protection
  • relieving stress and anxiety
  • cleansing the root chakra
  • dispelling nightmares
  • communication difficulties
  • dissolving cramps
  • strengthening the back
  • easing muscular spasms
  • fortifying the nerves
  • constipation
  • alleviating suicidal tendencies
  • amplifying higher states of consciousness

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