Chevron Amethyst Generator small
Chevron Amethyst Generator small

Chevron Amethyst Generator small

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Chevron Amethyst is a combination of two minerals: white quartz and amethyst. This makes it far stronger than a simple amethyst. It is a gorgeous purple and white crystal with very high frequency. It is the perfect gift for people who like to work with the higher chakras and want to bring the spiritual into the physical world.

Beneficial influences of the Chevron Amethyst Tower:

  • has calming energies
  • caries healing vibrations
  • has anti-stress properties
  • relieves anxiety
  • has deeply grounding vibrations
  • blocks negative energy
  • activates the Crown Chakra
  • opens up the Third Eye Chakra
  • enhances higher consciousness
  • aids in meditation and yoga
  • guides to the right path
  • brings clarity
  • strengthens the immune system
  • relieves headaches and insomnia
  • helps fighting addiction
  • improves concentration and focus
  • channels higher vibrations
  • brings wisdom into one's life
  • increases the vividness of dreams
  • guides interdimensional communication
  • brings connection with higher realms
  • encourages connection with the higher self

Note: All Chevron Amethyst Towers are unique in their own way; there are no two alike. You will receive one Chevron Amethyst Tower crystal similar to the one in the image posted.

Size: approximately 2.5 inches high x 1 inch wide.

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