Unicorn Cat Jewelry Tray - black

Unicorn Cat Jewelry Tray - black

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The Unicorn Cat Jewelry Tray is a delightful fusion of two enchanting creatures, blending the magic of unicorns with the playfulness of cats. This whimsical tray is designed to hold and organize your favorite jewelry pieces, from rings to earrings and more. With its charming and imaginative design, it not only keeps your accessories within easy reach but also adds a touch of fantasy to your decor. The Unicorn Cat jewelry tray is perfect for those who appreciate a touch of magic and a dash of whimsy while they keep their precious jewelry safe and beautifully displayed.

Use the Unicorn Cat Jewelry Tray for:

  • jewelry
  • soap dish
  • sage, Palo Santo and smudging items dish
  • crystals tray
  • give it as a gift

Note: You will receive 1 Unicorn Cat Jewelry Tray.

Size: approximately 8" x 4.5".

Made of ceramic.

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