Little Bird Jewelry Tray

Little Bird Jewelry Tray

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The Little Bird Jewelry Tray is a dainty and charming accessory for any jewelry lover. Shaped like a delicate bird, it provides an elegant way to organize your rings, earrings, and other small accessories. This tray not only keeps your jewelry tidy and easily accessible but also adds a touch of nature-inspired decor to your space. It's the ideal fusion of practicality and aesthetics, allowing you to elegantly display and safeguard your precious jewelry in a whimsical and enchanting manner.

Use the Little Bird Jewelry Tray for:

  • jewelry
  • soap dish
  • sage, Palo Santo and smudging items dish
  • crystals tray
  • give it as a gift

Note: You will receive 1 Little Bird Jewelry Tray.

Size: approximately 4" x 3.5".

Made of ceramic.

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