Shungite Buddha Pendant
Shungite Buddha Pendant

Shungite Buddha Pendant

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A Shungite Buddha pendant is made of natural Shungite, ordered from the Russian mine. This rare mineral is several billion years old, made of 60%-90% hollow carbon molecules called Fullerenes. Shungite’s unique structure makes it possible to absorb and transform harmful man-made EMFs. Buddha in meditation pose has a special meaning; it is the symbol of spiritual enlightenment.

Uses and benefits of Shungite Buddha pendant:

  • connects us with our Higher Self
  • helps to connect with high-vibrational energies
  • deepens meditations
  • calms and clears the mind
  • helps to awaken compassion
  • offers protection against negative influences
  • offers protection against EMFs
  • promotes spiritual transformation
  • clears and strengthens the aura
  • balances and energizes the chakras

Shungite Buddha pendant is made of genuine Shungite, its approximate size is 1 inch. It is a high-quality Shungite product with 60% carbon content that provides protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation.

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