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Numerology and Healing Touch

with Stacy

Sundays 10-5

starts at $25 for 15 min for Numerology and $50 for 30 min for Healing

Village Rock Shop


The opportunity to do Numerology readings for others at The Village Rock Shop is a dream come true for Stacy.  Finding compassion for herself and her inherent humanness has been (and still is) a lifelong journey for Stacy, and she is happy to help others gain greater acceptance and understanding of who they are through her readings.
Stacy discovered Numerology quite by accident.  She went to an astrology reading where the astrologist calculated her Life Path number, a core component of Numerology. She found it intriguing that a number could have so much meaning in her life.  Afterwards, she mentioned to her parents her interest in Numerology, and her father plopped into her hands an ancient looking book that delved deep into the subject.  From then on she was hooked.

From Numerology she discovered that each number holds a subtle vibration or characteristic.  These characteristics all intertwine to influence our lives. She learned that from a full name and birthday she could discover quite a bit about a person and even learn things they did not even know or truly acknowledge about themselves!  After studying more, Stacy then asked anyone who would listen if she could do their Numerology, even going as far to slyly try and find out the birthdays and middle names of prospective dates.

Stacy’s growing understanding of the numbers in her name helped her to gain greater self acceptance on a whole and that is what she wants to do for others.  Although Numerology is a helpful tool to see if a new name is a good fit for someone, it also helps someone to figure out where they are in life and what they have to work with.  Stacy wants to help you understand your numbers and the relationships between them. With that understanding, she can then help guide you to greater understanding of yourself and your relationships as a whole.

Stacy grew up in Valley Center with what has fondly been called a menagerie of pets. She received her BA in Classical Civilizations from UCLA.  A year into a graduate program she realized she was horrible at Latin and did not want to be a Classics Professor. She then lived on the East Coast for a bit and took on a number of jobs from assistant floral events planner to working coat check at a fine arts museum.  Upon moving back to San Diego County, she decided to hone in on what she truly wanted to do. The healing arts called to her and she took classes in Healing Touch, Reiki, Somatic Experiencing and received her massage therapy certification. She loves nature and can often be found walking along the ocean or relaxing with the flowers in a park.


Join us for Compassionate Healing and Chakra Balancing with Stacy!
Every Sunday 10-5.
Stacy has had an affinity for energy healing and crystals ever since she first discovered them ten years ago. After taking her first Healing Touch™ class in 2016, she experienced the modality’s ability to bring about uplifting transformation in body, mind, and soul. She decided to further her healing education and received her license as a CAMTC Certified Massage Therapist in 2018. Stacy’s healing education has given her a comprehensive understanding of both the physical and energetic bodies allowing her to help facilitate the balancing of her client’s chakras. She has worked with a diverse population of people ranging from young children to the elderly. Her daily meditation practice enhances her intuitive healing abilities and allows her to compassionately hold space for those in the healing process. After a session with Stacy people have been said to feel a renewed sense of wellbeing, less stress, and an alignment of body and soul. Stop on by and see for yourself! 
Please contact Stacy Fishman to set up and appointment at 760-216-9986 or email or request an appointment time through the shop.

Cost: $50 for 30 minutes

You can find Stacy every Sunday from 10am - 5pm at the Village Rock Shop.
*Please contact Stacy at 760 216 9986 to schedule an appointment, and follow her on social media - IG @stacyfishman