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2690 State St, Suite A, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Mon - Sun 10AM - 5PM

Cosmic Counseling and Tarot

with Jamie

Tuesdays 11-5

Begins at $25 for a 3 card spread

Village Rock Shop

Cosmic Counseling and Tarot with Jamie.

Sessions are available Tuesdays between 11am to 5pm.
Please call 442.262.8573 for an appointment.

Cosmic Counseling & Tarot With Jamie in Carlsbad, CA

Tarot card sessions are some of the most popular type of readings. Tarot cards have been used for divination from ancient times. The Tarot is a collection of symbols that represents all of human experience, patterns or paths. Jamie offers Tarot reading sessions at the Village Rock Shop. During the Tarot reading session she helps her clients to become more aware and recognize the patterns in their lives, explore their inner being and gain spiritual insight. She uses Tarot reading to help people make the right decisions in their lives and to realize that they shape their destiny by making their everyday choices. Each Tarot reading with Jamie is different, and unique because each person is different and each moment is unique.