Small Smudging Set with Abalone Shell

Small Smudging Set with Abalone Shell

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Small Smudging Set with Abalone Shell

Small Smudge Sets contain an Abalone Shell, small southern California Local Sage and a feather.

Abalone Shell, "the Ears of the Sea", have been used for centuries by many cultures for their healing properties, cleansing and removing negative energy. Abalone Shells bring strenght and inner healing into your space and helps shield and protect your space when used with sage, palo santo or other smudging herbs. Their strong inner layer composition is still being researched today by scientists.

Abalone Shells are all unique in their sizes, patterns and colors.

Approximately 5x4 inches. has been use for centuries to purify, cleanse, balance and banish negative energy in any space, body or object. It changes the ionic composition of the air around it, raining down like a deep spiritual cleansing shower, reducing stress and purifing the air.

Approximately 6 inches long.

Feather for spreading the smoke of sage. Approximately 10 inches long. The color of the decorasion beads vary.

  • Small Smudging Set with Abalone Shell
  • Contains abalone shell, small sage, feather

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