Upcycled Peach Quartz Bell

Upcycled Peach Quartz Bell

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The upcycled peach quartz bell is a great decor piece and gift for those who want to boost self-respect, creativity, sociability, and independence. The peach quartz crystal is excellent for expanding intuitive knowledge and helps us open to spontaneity, making our life rhythms more natural and authentic.

Placing an upcycled peach quartz bell in your space can have the following benefits:

  • brings inspiration and flexibility
  • encourages serendipity and relaxation
  • promotes understanding and cooperation
  • overcomes apathy and boredom
  • helps with emotional expression

The healing properties of the peach quartz bell:

  • helps with healing from past trauma
  • purifies the mental and physical

The spiritual properties of the peach quartz bell:

  • helps with trusting in a higher Divine plan
  • encourages forgiveness
  • supports with regaining hope
  • guides to discovering life's purpose

Note: All of our upcycled peach quartz bells are unique in their own way; there are no two alike. You will receive an upcycled peach quartz bell similar to the one in the image posted.

Size: approximately 6x2 inches.

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