Upcycled Amethyst Bell
Upcycled Amethyst Bell

Upcycled Amethyst Bell

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The amethyst crystal bell in the image was upcycled and given a new form and purpose. It can make a meaningful gift for a friend or family member who loves crystals and wants to enjoy the calming vibrations of the amethyst stone. You can also purchase the upcycled crystal bell for your space to invite healing energies into your home and decorate it.

The benefits of having an amethyst upcycled bell in your space:

  • helps relieve stress and anxiety
  • opens and activates the Crown Chakra
  • calms the mind and body
  • wards off negative energy
  • enhances higher states of consciousness
  • clarifies intention and decision making

Amethyst bell physical healing properties:

  • strengthens immune system
  • eases headaches
  • promotes digestive health

Amethyst bell spiritual properties:

  • improves intuition
  • enhances psychic abilities
  • facilitates meditation and self-reflection
  • activates spiritual awareness

Note: All of our upcycled amethyst bells are unique in their own way; there are no two alike. You will receive an upcycled amethyst bell similar to the ones in the images posted.

Size: approximately 6x2 inches.

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