Rose Selenite

Rose Selenite

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Size: approximately 1 x 1 inch.

Rose selenite has many names: gypsum rose, sand rose or desert rose. The sand gets embedded in the selenite blades and in time creates this beautiful, unique crystal. This is the perfect stone to place in your meditation room, on your altar, your bedside, or workspace because it can cleanse the energy in your surrounding area. You can place it in a bowl with other crystals so the rose selenite can cleanse and charge them. It should be held with great caution because it is very fragile.

Rose selenite can:

  • activate the root chakra
  • bring mental focus and clarity
  • help us act in accord with the Divine will
  • rejuvenate
  • remove blockages between the chakras
  • activate the third eye and crown chakras
  • be a god aid in meditation
  • help ease the flow of energy
  • be used as a talisman for protection
  • help overcome phobias
  • help get rid of negative beliefs
  • boost confidence
  • bring pure love and light
  • purify our mind, body, and spirit
  • be used for channeling other realms
  • bring wisdom
  • bring abundance
  • increase feminine energy
  • be used to invoke the power of the moon
  • dissolve self-imposed negativity
  • strengthen the immune system
  • help align the spine
  • stabilize epileptic disorders
  • teach us to live in the present moment
  • assist in good decision-making
  • clear confusion
  • strengthen intuition
  • bring serenity
  • bring discernment
  • increase compassion
  • assist in finding the right pathway
  • help to follow through with your intentions

Note: All gemstones are unique in their own way, there are no two alike. You will receive 1 crystal that is similar to the ones in the image posted.


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