Raw Fluorite Octahedron - pair

Raw Fluorite Octahedron - pair

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Fluorite is a calcium fluoride mineral, generally named after its color. Blue Fluorite is often used in meditation. This colorful stone can help to release suppressed emotions and facilitates transformation in our lives. Fluorite grows in octahedron patterns naturally, this is uncut raw fuorite.

Benefits of  raw Fluorite:

  • enhance thinking
  • increases creativity
  • clears a chaotic mind
  • cleanses and protects the aura
  • improves physical and mental coordination
  • brings psychic protection
  • brings structure into daily life
  • helps to assimilate new information
  • promotes quick thinking

Note: You will receive the pair posted in the image. 1 lavender and 1 dark purple raw fluorite octahedrons.

Approximately 1.5 inches.

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