Raw Elite Shungite - medium

Raw Elite Shungite - medium

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Shungite is several billion years old, it's a rare mineral found only in Karelia, Russia. Elite Shungite has 90% of hollow molecular carbon cages called Fullerenes and almost all minerals from the periodic table in its composition.

Benefits of Raw Elite Shungite:

  • absorbs and transforms harmful EMFs
  • energizes the aura
  • activates the chakras
  • clears energy blocks
  • promotes grounding and stability
  • aids in the healing process
  • reduces oxidative stress and inflammation
  • purifies and mineralizes the water
  • harmonizes the environment
Approximate size 1 inch.

High-quality Shungite with 80-90% carbon content, ordered directly from the Russian mine. Each Raw Elite Shungite is unique. You will receive one Raw Elite Shungite similar to the ones in the image.


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