Swarovski Crystal 40mm Rainbow Maker Ball Light Green

Swarovski Crystal 40mm Rainbow Maker Ball Light Green

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Rainbow Makers facilitate good chi in your home, according to Feng Shui. The genuine Swarovski crystal rotates and refracts sunlight to create a swirl of rainbows. It activates and revives the stagnant energies around the space and gives a refreshing sensation. Hang it on bedroom windows to benefit from its soothing and peaceful influences.

The light green color is a calm shade representing renewal, luck, health, and optimism.

Place the Rainbow Maker in a sunny window and enjoy the happy rainbows they make all over the room!

  • real Swarovski Crystal
  • high quality & weighted faceted cut
  • uplift your mood
  • hanging window suncatcher
  • chandelier pendant
  • wedding decoration

Note: Size of the Crystal Ball: 40mm

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