Swarovski Crystal 40mm Rainbow Maker Ball

Swarovski Crystal 40mm Rainbow Maker Ball

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Place the Rainbow Maker in a sunny window and enjoy the refracted sunlight throughout the room. A perfect and unique gift with positive energy flowing through your house.

  • Cut in Northern California
  • Real Swarovski Crystal
  • 40mm Rainbow Maker Ball/Prism
  • High Quality & Weighted Faceted Cut
  • Multicolor Aurora Borealis
  • Crystals used in Feng Shui
  • Moves positive energy flow
  • Best Suncatcher
  • Uplift your mood
  • Hanging Window Suncatcher
  • Chandelier Pendant
  • Wedding Decoration
  • Swarovski Crystal
  • Aurora Borealis
  • Rainbow Maker
  • 40mm Ball

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