Strawberry Quartz Charm and Bracelet Set

Strawberry Quartz Charm and Bracelet Set

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Strawberry Quartz has a nurturing feminine vibe. It can be helpful in strengthening the bond with your pet. This beautiful pink crystal can also support you in setting harmonious boundaries in your relationship with your beloved pet.

Benefits of Strawberry Quartz:

  • promotes strength
  • helps in overcoming difficulties
  • eases pain
  • boosts the immune system
  • promotes fertility
  • brings joy
  • supports emotional healing
  • helps to release negative emotions
  • promotes grounding and stability
  • activates the Heart chakra

Note: All  Strawberry Quartz crystals are unique in their own way, there are no two alike. You will receive a crystal charm and a bracelet similar to the ones in the image posted.

Approximate crystal size: 0.75-1 inch. Bracelet beads size: 8 mm, stretchy string. Our Strawberry Quartz charms can be used as pet collar charms or attached to keychains or purses. Buy this bracelet - charm set, to have matching accessories with your furry friend. 

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