Pink Sapphire Butterfly Earrings
Pink Sapphire Butterfly Earrings

Pink Sapphire Butterfly Earrings

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Approximate lenght of charm and crystal: 1.25 x 0.5 inches.
18k gold plated earring hooks and charm. Handmade.

Embrace the enchanting energy of Pink Sapphire butterfly earrings—handcrafted with love and enriched with the healing touch of Reiki. Beyond their aesthetic charm, these earrings attract energies that promote love, success, and emotional healing. The delicate butterfly design signifies transformation and renewal, while Pink Sapphire's gentle energy fosters emotional well-being. The Reiki charge amplifies these earrings, creating a harmonious aura that supports love and success in various aspects of life. Adorn yourself with these handmade treasures to invite a positive and loving energy, aiding in emotional healing and paving the way for success on your journey.

Note: All gemstones are unique in their own way. You will receive 1 pair of Pink Sapphire earrings.

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