Love All The Stages Gift Set

Love All The Stages Gift Set

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Make someones Day extra special with a thoughtful gift set that reflects the joy and wisdom of evry stage in life. Includes a Cactus jewelry tray, symbolizing wisdom and inner beauty. The Rose Quartz Butterfly earrings will help you during transformative times in your life, remining you to be gentle and graceful. The Rose Quartz crystal and Tealight candle will bring in self love and a positive energy flow. Together, these elements create a harmonious gift set that celebrates self love, joy, and beauty. 

The Gift Set includes:

  • Cactus Jewelry Tray 7x4 inches
  • Unique Rose Quartz Butterfly Earrings
  • Rose Quartz Crystal
  • Sage and Citrus Tealight Candle

Note: Note: You will receive 1 Set similar to the one in this image.

Handmade Rose Quartz and Butterfly earrings, 18k gold plated, they sometimes vary a little in gem colors and are never the same, bringing uniqueness to each gift set!

Never leave lit candles unattended.

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