Coral Dreamcatcher - Feminine Energy

Coral Dreamcatcher - Feminine Energy

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This is a dreamcatcher with a beautiful design featuring a light brown leather-wrapped hoop, light brown strands with white beads, and white feathers hanging beneath. This Coral dreamcatcher was handcrafted.

Meaning and benefits of its components:

  • 7x18 inch genuine leather-wrapped hoop - symbolize the circle of life
  • Brown web - catches bad dreams and nightmares
  • Natural, small white feathers - let the good dreams slide down
  • Coral in the center of the web - radiates a protective, feminine energy
  • Coral - is an excellent balancing mineral. Provides cooling energy for fiery emotions helping to calm anger and irritability, bringing peace and tranquility. The Coral’s grounding energy will help you get your good night’s sleep
 Handmade with love.

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