Black Sage Raw Honey

Black Sage Raw Honey

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High Quality Raw Honey - Black Sage, by our local "Cali Raw Honey"

Net weight 16 oz
1.5 lb
680 G
Grade B
Light color honey - "liquid sunshine"
Great sugar substitute, stir into herbal tea
Unique Mild flavored, smooth, with complex aftertaste

Message from Cali Raw Honey: "We pride ourselves for bringing you this Southern California honey of the highest quality. Grade B is raw, unprocessed honey, only strained, containing small particles of pollen, propolis and bees wax - all, good for you. Honey doesn't go bad. Crystallization in time is natural and does not alter the qualityof the honey. It only showes that you have purchased raw honey. To liquify it, place the jar in hot water. Specific aroma and color of the honey are determined by the flower source. Our beekepers love and respect the bees and collect honey multiple times from different local areas to provide you with a wide variety of aromas. Enjoy!"

Do not give honey to infants under one year old.

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