Raw Vanadinite - small
Raw Vanadinite - small

Raw Vanadinite - small

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Vanadinite is a rare stone, a member of the Apatite family. This red stone resonates with the fire element, it has stimulating and energizing properties. Therefore it’s an excellent stone for long hours of study or work. Vanadinite known as the stone of adventure, encourages us to take risks in order to achieve our goals.

Benefits of Vanadinite:

  • encourages action
  • stimulates creativity
  • enhances focus
  • encourages productivity
  • enhances strength
  • encourages self-expression
  • stimulates the sexual energy
  • aids in manifesting rituals
  • promotes motivation
  • brings a sense of playfulness 

Note: Approximately 1 inch. You will receive a Vanadinite similar to the image posted. This stone has to be handled with special care, no cutting or immersing in water, no meditating with it.

This is a collectors' mineral, it should be set and displayed in a case.

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